United Cerebral Palsy of Michigan connects people with disabilities to the opportunities and resources needed to live productive and independent lives.



It is our vision to be the pre-eminent non-profit organization that provides resources, support and advocacy to empower people with disabilities, their families and allies to lead self-determined lives.




We are dedicated to creating life without limits by:

  • Acting ethically with the highest level of honesty and integrity

  • Collaborating with others who share our mission and vision

  • Empowering people to lead self-determined lives

  • Being a supportive resource for people with disabilities, their families and allies

  • Being accountable to the people we support

  • Promoting inclusion by working with a diverse population of people with any disability

  • Creating dynamic solutions through innovation




UCP Michigan believes strongly in the right to self determination and independence for all persons regardless of any physical, mental or emotional limitation that society calls a "disability."


UCP Michigan views independence as a relative term, as we are all interdependent on one another. Without others, it is impossible to succeed, and it is our attitude towards others that determines their attitudes. Thus, no independence or empowerment can be achieved without the expectation and belief that it is possible.


The services UCP Michigan offers and the actions we take on behalf of persons with disabilities are based on this belief, and as such, are designed to encourage and empower individuals with disabilities. UCP Michigan recognizes that part of their empowerment is contingent upon our belief, and that of the significant others in their lives, that they are capable, valuable and equal members of the human race. Click here to learn about UCP Michigan main focus areas.

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